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Sunshine Coast

Game-changing infrastructure projects transform the Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast region is surging forward on a wave of once-in-a-lifetime major urban infrastructure investment. Already delivering dividends from billions of dollars in capital expenditure and the creation of thousands of jobs, the timing is right and astute investors are poised to reap extraordinary rewards……….

Queensland’s Sunshine Coast is about to experience its biggest facelift in more than three decades including a NEW CBD. Checkout the recent report from Channel 7 confirming the massive changes underway in the area.

It’s a defining moment for the Sunshine Coast, as the winds of change pick up momentum and new investment pours into this major urban centre. The three largest projects alone forecast a total capital expenditure estimated to be over $7 billion bringing around 40,000 jobs with them.

The Sunshine Coast is Australia’s fourth largest non-capital city. Its population currently numbers 319,094*: an increase of 27% since 2006, equal to more than 7,000 new residents annually. Just in the last ten years, the Sunshine Coast economy has doubled in size, with 34,500 businesses driving a Gross Regional Product that’s estimated in excess of $10 billion.

The Sunshine Coast’s regional growth has traditionally been fuelled by a number of key drivers including:

  • Its strategic location in economically dynamic South East Queensland;
  • Its quality lifestyle focused on ideal climatic conditions and diverse recreational opportunities;
  • Its proximity to large population centres that makes it a favourite day trip and weekend destination;
  • And the construction and retail activities supported and promoted by tourism.

These factors are still in place and are now supplemented by powerful new economic catalysts.

Astute investors are set to reap the benefits as the Sunshine Coast surges forward on a wave of major infrastructure projects such as:

  • $3 billion Sunshine Coast University Hospital precinct, Australia’s single largest investment in health infrastructure; 20,000 new jobs
  • Maroochydore Principal Activity Centre (PAC), converting Horton Park Golf Course into a core commercial, retail and public space; 8,000 new jobs
  • Sunshine Coast Airport redevelopment, injecting $1.6 billion in regional economic stimulus between 2015 and 2050; 5,000 new jobs

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