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About Us

Hi my name is Terry Loftus

“My major role is to help inspire ambitious people to profit from Property who are time poor or maybe don’t know where to start.”

As you may be well aware there are lots of choices when considering investing in Property in Australia.

There are also many “Guru’s” who promise to help you to try and achieve your property investment goals and lots of horror stories as well!

Me I’m a simple bloke, I do not do get rich seminars and I don’t promise the earth but I can put you in the right direction to achieve your goals with TRUSTED connections to help set up structures to suit your needs whether purchasing on an individual basis of through your SMSF.

These connections don’t work for me and that is good news for you as unlike the “one stop shop” methods being offered out there where you tend to LOSE control we want YOU to be in FULL CONTROL of your own destiny.

Once you have your structure in place with the assistance of professionals advice, you will ideally have a budget to work to and I can then offer you research on current and future property hotspots.

If you are comfortable with the location it’s time for me to step in and find a property suited to the location that will be in demand by tenants but very importantly will also appeal greatly to owner-occupiers on re-sale.

Why owner-occupiers on re-sale you may ask?

Owner occupiers are 70% of the buyers out there, why would you ignore them………Therefore when buying as an investor keep the owner occupier in mind when selecting a property as they will pay the most for a property when it comes time to resell.

I absolutely love projects and properties where owner-occupiers are purchasing and here’s why:
“You can imagine the research and demands of owner-occupiers when selecting a brand new home to live in?…My advice, follow their lead, they are planning to live there for some years and cant afford to get in wrong!”

Think about it….investors will in most cases purchase sight unseen, investors are looking to make money but not your owner-occupiers………Obviously they don’t want to lose money but their main concerns are a lot more than just money, such as:

  • Size and quality of property
  • Local amenities to suit their lifestyle
  • Easy access to shopping
  • Easy access to schools
  • Easy access to hospitals medical facilities

The list for owner-occupiers goes on and on (actually I am starting to go on and on as well, so lets finish up as I am sure you now get my drift regarding why you should follow where owner-occupiers are purchasing)

Now we have come to the best bit, well it is for me as I love doing deals for clients and due to the “group leverage” we can sometimes create on behalf of clients I can guarantee I will negotiate the best terms possible for YOU on any of the developments or house/land packages I deal with and in most cases this can mean thousands back in my clients pockets from day 1 by way of rebates/incentives that are negotiated.

This will vary from project to project but I hope you see the value we can offer when purchasing your next property…..You will find I am very up front, keep things simple and my clients find this very refreshing.

Want us to keep in touch? Go here to receive regular updates as new opportunities come online for sale. (Many of our smaller boutique are sold before being advertised for sale….so be first to view!)

Bye for now,

P.S – If you feel we may be a good fit feel free to contact me today by email or mobile. 0412472172

Director Terry Loftus (Real Estate Licence number 3185210) has been involved in the property industry in Australia in some form since 1997. During this period a lot of terrific bonds have been formed with builders and boutique developers across Australia.

These relationships forged over just on 20 years now create massive leverage or “group buying power” to offer clients access to projects and deals they would never be able to have access to on a “single sale”

Most projects we promote are Boutique type developments built with the owner-occupier in mind, not just the investor.
Why?……….That’s where the money is!